Bollands Consulting

Bollands Consulting is a UK-based management consultancy, which specialises in Strategic IT Effectiveness. We help public and private sector organisations stengthen their ability to gain business value from the money spent on IT.

Many organisations suspect they are not getting value for money from IT, but they don’t understand why and don’t know how to fix the problem. Despite spending millions on the latest technologies and external IT services, they are still paying for services that don’t meet expectations and for projects that fail to deliver the benefits promised.

Bollands Consulting takes a fresh approach to this problem. We take a 360-degree view of our clients’ IT effectiveness, identifying the many different factors that are preventing value being maximised. We present these findings via scorecards and easy-to-read reports, ensuring maximum visibility and understanding of the challenges faced. We analyse and prioritise those factors, applying targeted remedies to strengthen the entire IT Value Chain and deliver a step change in organisational capability. This allows our clients to invest in IT services, confident that benefits will be delivered and that value for money will be achieved.

We apply this approach across the whole organisation, not just the IT department. We consider people, organisational and cultural factors, alongside those of process and technology. We strengthen the entire ‘IT value chain’, beginning with strategy and governance, through the delivery of IT-related change and the provision of day-to-day IT services. But we don’t stop there.  We ensure the capabilities are in place to make best use of those services, and so achieve an appropriate return on the investments made.

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