SITE Methodology

At Bollands Consulting, we are passionate about helping organisations overcome the difficulties they have being successful with IT.  Our mission is to help our clients understand what it takes to be successful, address the issues that stand in the way of this and help them strengthen their ability to use IT to create business value.

Our consultants have worked with many different clients over the years and have seen lots of examples of what ‘good’ looks like, along with many more examples of what ‘not so good’ looks like.  We have used this experience to identify the many factors that determine whether an organisation maximises the value it gains from the money it spends on IT.  From these we have developed frameworks, methods and tools for measuring, assessing, analysing and enhancing an organisation’s capabilities, successfully deploying these with clients from various industry sectors, and ranging in size from 300 to 10,000 employees.

We conducted a review of our early IT effectiveness, strategy and transformation assignments, gathering feedback from clients and filling in gaps in our own capabilities.  The result was the SITE Methodology, a comprehensive framework, process and toolset for enhancing an organisation’s Strategic IT Effectiveness – its ability to gain maximum business value from the money it spends on IT.

The following page provides an overview of the methodology.