Overview of SITE

The SITE Methodology is Bollands Consulting’s approach, process and toolset for enhancing its clients’ Strategic IT Effectiveness.  It is built around five key imperatives, which set out what an organisation must do in order to optimise its IT effectiveness and so maximise the value it gains over the long-term from IT.  These are:

  1. Maximise Value from Existing IT
  2. Gain Visibility, Clarity and Control
  3. Treat the Causes, not the Symptoms
  4. Strengthen the Entire IT Value Chain
  5. Build Long-term Sustainable Change

Behind each imperative are a number of methods, tools and best practice solutions, which may be used to achieve the stated outcome.  The core methods were developed by Bollands Consulting, using well established techniques applied to the problem of maximising overall value for money from IT.  These are supplemented by a range of industry best practice, in areas such as IT strategy and governance, organisational design, programme and project management, application and infrastructure development, IT service delivery and benefits realisation.

Elements of each imperative may be applied individually or as part of a programme to transform the capabilities of your organisation.  Click on the above links to see an outline of each imperative, including a summary of how Bollands Consulting can help you to apply these.