IT Strategy

An organisation’s IT Strategy sets out what IT systems and services it plans to put in place in order to add business value to its operations.  Such value may include elements of increased revenue, improved services, efficiency of operations or support for strategic objectives.

The IT Strategy must also set out how the organisation plans to put these systems and services in place.  This includes the timescale, the level of investment and means by which an appropriate return on investment will be assured.  In addition, matters of system architecture, systems integration, technology infrastucture, procurement and use of suppliers, technology selection, internal IT organisation and various standards and policies should all be addressed.

At Bollands Consulting, we have many years experience of developing IT Strategy, working for regional, national and multi-national companies, as well as local and national public sector organisations. However, rather than developing the strategy for you, we work with your managers to help them develop their own strategy, bringing in specialist skills to assist them where needed.  In addition, we give them the skills to maintain their strategy and plans on an ongoing basis, ensuring it is kept up to date and relevant. This way, we enhance your strategic management capabilties and reduce your need for external consultants in the future.

The effort needed to develop an IT Strategy can vary greatly, depending upon the size and complexity of the organisation and the nature of the challenge faced. We will help you design a suitable process, avoiding unnecessary detail and cost. This often involves the creation of an appropriate architectural model that divides the problem into a number of smaller components. The strategic plan for each component is then owned by the most appropriate manager within your organisation and created largely independently of the rest. This promotes business ownership of the strategy, increasing the chances of a successful implementation.