The First Imperative

The first imperative of the SITE Methodology is to Maximise Value from Existing IT.

The first imperative emphasizes the importance of ensuring that existing systems are being fully utilised, before investing large sums of money in new systems. It is too often the case that IT and business managers are taken in by the promises of technology providers, before every effort has been made to exploit the technologies currently in place. The imperative also prompts us to ask “What do we mean by Value?”  There is, of course, no easy answer, but if a CIO is to be properly accountable for the money spent on IT, it is a question that must be asked.

Bollands Consulting helps its clients understand what “Value from IT” means to them, and develops metrics which enable the value achieved to be measured.  Typically, these involve questions of efficiency, in regard to business processes across the organisation, as well as the cost of providing IT services.  They also involve questions of effectiveness and the degree to which IT solutions enable business functions to successfully achieve their objectives and support the overall aims and strategies of the business.

By focusing upon and measuring the value achieved from existing systems, we help board members assess how effective their organisation is at using IT to create business value.  We highlight areas where value is being lost, enabling short-term ‘quick wins’ to deliver the most benefit for the least amount of effort.  And we enable board members to monitor success going forward, providing the feedback needed to optimise IT effectiveness and so gain maximum business value over the longer term.