The Fourth Imperative

The fourth imperative of the SITE Methodology is Strengthen the Entire IT Value Chain

There are many processes and capabilities and that work together to form the IT Value Chain. Starting with the governance of IT and the approval of funding, all the way through to the effective use of IT services, this value chain converts IT investment and expenditure into business value.  Unfortunately, it only takes one weak link in that chain for the value created to be lost.  You might have the best IT strategy, the best systems and the best IT services in the world, but if those services are not being used properly, then much of that value can disappear.

Bollands Consulting works across the entire IT Value Chain, bringing proven, best-practice solutions to build capabilities and so strengthen the end-to-end chain.  Remedies may include the development of IT strategy and effective governance controls, specifying and managing changes to systems and infrastructure, enhancing the IT organisation and processes for delivering IT services or establishing the capabilities needed for the exploitation of those services.  Typically, we work with partners that are specialists in these areas, maintaining visibility across the full value chain and ensuring appropriate attention is paid to each area.

It is by strengthening every link of the IT Value Chain that we enhance your Strategic IT Effectiveness.  We ensure the essential capabilities are in place across your organisation before major investments are made, and put you, not your suppliers, in control of your IT investments.