Strategic IT Effectiveness

Bollands Consulting defines Strategic IT Effectiveness as the ability of an organisation to gain maximum business value from the money it spends on IT.

The concept of Strategic IT Effectiveness ( or “SITE” ) is at the heart of the SITE Methodology and brings a wholly new approach to the management of IT within a company or public sector organisation.  Instead of focusing on just the technology, systems and processes, or on the provision of a quality IT service, it considers all the capabilities needed across the entire organisation to ensure an appropriate return is achieved for the money spent on IT.

SITE capabilities fall into four main areas:

  • Strategic IT Management
  • IT-Enabled Change
  • IT Service Provision
  • IT Benefit Realisation

Please note that the acronym “IT” is used here as a general term that covers Information Technology, Information Systems (IS), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Information Management and Technology (IM&T).  It includes the services, processes, resources, behaviours and skills that are necessary for the successful use of IT systems within commercial or public sector organisations.