The Third Imperative

The third imperative of the SITE Methodology is Treat the Causes, not the Symptoms

When an organisation is failing to get value from its IT systems, this can show up in many different ways: users unhappy with the quality of service, systems that are difficult to use, processes that are inefficient, data that is inaccurate, services that are unreliable, projects that don’t deliver, costs that keep rising or issues that remain unresolved after months or years of waiting.  It is not unusual to find over a hundred distinct organisational, process or system issues that are reducing the business value achieved from IT.

Bollands Consulting uses state-of-the-art techniques to analyse the various IT-related frustrations that exist within an organisation.  We work closely with our clients to understand what factors lay behind these.  This way we identify the root causes of the problems experienced, so that rather than treating the symptoms, we focus upon the key factors that are causing them.  From this analysis, we determine the actions needed to address the root causes and so develop a clear roadmap for achieving a step-change in organisational performance.

Through the use of advanced analytical technques, combined with our experience of ‘what good looks like’, we bring clarity and understanding to the problem of IT effectiveness.  We treat the underlying causes of IT problems and so avoid wasting money on change projects that fail to deliver value due to factors outside their control.  Instead, we deliver sustainable improvements in capability, ensuring that improvement efforts are focused on areas that are essential to long-term success.