The Fifth Imperative

The final imperative of the SITE Methodology is Build Long-term Sustainable Change.

Investing in new IT systems can be an expensive and risky business.  The majority of IT projects fail to deliver the benefits they promised, causing billions of pounds of investment to be wasted each year in the UK.  Many others that are successful in the short-term, fail to sustain those benefits over the longer term.  Despite this, managers continue to spend large amounts of money on the latest technology, always optimistic that next time will be different.

At Bollands Consulting, we understand the many factors that determine whether your IT investments will deliver business value over the long-term.  These include having the capabilities in place to make best use of IT systems once they are delivered, ensuring they adapt to changes in prioirities as these occur.  We work with your organisation to enhance such capabilities before you invest in new systems, and we continue to support you throughout your change programme, idenitifying and addressing issues of IT Effectiveness as they arise.

By enhancing your Strategic IT Effectiveness before you invest in new IT systems, you increase the value you will gain from those investments, as well as from the systems already in place.  And by maintaining visibility and control over your IT Effectiveness throughout your change programme, you will minimise the risk of wasted investment and maximise the value achieved from IT over the long-term.