The Second Imperative

The second imperative of the SITE Methodology is Gain Visibility, Clarity and Control

Being successful with IT is inherently complex within any organisation, partly because of the technologies involved, but mainly because of the wide range of people and capabilities that must work together to achieve that success.  Together, these capabilities and related processes form the “IT Value Chain”, beginning with the development of strategy and the governance over IT spend, continuing through the commissioning and delivery of IT services and ending with the successful exploitation of those services and the realisation of benefits.

Bollands Consulting helps its clients understand the many and varied factors that contribute towards the value achieved from IT within their organisation.  We take a 360-degree view of the problem, assessing the effectiveness of every link of the IT Value Chain.  We look across the whole organisation, not just the IT department, considering people, organisational and cultural factors, alongside those of process and technology.  We then present our findings as a balanced “SITE Scorecard”, providing an at-a-glance assessment of the current IT effectiveness of the organisation.  This is accompanied by an easy-to-read, non-technical report, detailing what works, what doesn’t and the reasons why.

By bringing visibility and clarity to the problem, we provide those in charge of IT with an awareness and understanding of the many and varied challenges that they face, enabling them to manage these more effectively going forward.